Our Expertise

Advantage Management is an advisory business focused on enhancing business growth and development. Our experience is in the corporate structuring of project transactions and ensuring sufficient financial capital and technical expertise to enable project development.

We specialize in matching business' with real market potential and introducing strategic funding partners to assist in executing growth strategies. We look to personally invest alongside our investors and therefore we are looking for investment opportunities that have potential for scale and quantifiable market potential.  Advantage Management has ensured this by providing a range of advisory and management services to ASX listed companies, private business owners, and new start-up entities.  Our clients recognise this through our strategic investor partnerships in Australia Africa and North America.

Asset Management

Asset management is a systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and divestment of assets in a cost effective manner.  Through a whole of lifecycle approach and key market analysis, we can assist in identifying exit strategies or strategic acquisition targets for ASX listed companies

Growth Planning

Failing to strategize and plan for growth is the downfall of 95% of businesses and often results in business failure inside two years. Through our proven business strategy framework, we will enable business owners to think through the realities of their market place and identify what is really required to attain growth outcomes. "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail"

Project Development

Project development requires numerous key milestones that need to be achieved and its fundamental to have sufficient capital and technical capabilities to ensure success. Advantage Management can assist in raising capital, strategic partnerships, Government Grants and commercialisation strategies to assist in advancing your project.

Energy Minerals

Energy markets are currently in a state of rapid transition.  Markets are moving from distributed energy sources to embedded solutions.  Advances and deployment of battery technologies are rapidly occurring and this will create a huge demand for the associated minerals that are required.  The drive towards these new energy technologies is a key focus for Advantage Management and in particular the minerals associated with development of battery technologies. 

Business Strategy

Without a strong business strategy that identifies market opportunities over one to five years, your business is setting itself up for failure.  Strategies change, alter and enhance but without a process driven framework and detailed analysis of the current market opportunity, it's difficult to achieve success and profitability

Strategic Alliances

With strong connections in Africa, North America and Asia we are focused on connecting your project with international markets, investors and strategic partners. Sourcing the right strategic partner, is a crucial part of ensuring project success and longevity. Through strategic alliances and business development initiatives, we can assist you to achieve speed to market and new growth opportunities